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  • Winning Business from the Web for AD-Fabrications then Refining for Better Business

    What do you do with a successful Web Presence? Make it work Better!

    The CCM team's assistance to AD-Fabrications has been in three phases.

  • Launch a new Online Brand & Catalogue bringing over 1000 web visitors every month.
  • Focussed their on-line catalogue to generate better repeat business.
  • Trained AD-Fabs to say "we don't do that" quickly & courteously by helping domestic visitors find architects online.

    The challenge has been to manage the overnight success of Ad-Fab's web presence, to tune their site to attract more profesional repeat customers and to free up their staff to serve them better.

    Launch an On-line Brand with an extensive Catalogue of Capabilities.
    Play Area Balustrade.

    CCM created an AD-Fabrications website and online catalogue to illustrate their extensive range of architectural & industrial balustrade and handrail installations. These combined to generates dozens of visitors a day viewing an average of 3 products. Visitors found these pages because the Catalogue had many examples with good page titles and product descriptions. All of the excellent pictures were also labelled attracting visitors from Google Images etc. It was these high-quality pictures that generated the conversions producing a steady stream of calls and email enquiries. Graham Handy, AD-Fabrications’ General Manager says "We have been receiving many enquiries from the web site. Some of these are from architects that are capable of becoming long term partners of AD-Fabrications." Graham recalled two examples of the kind of leads that their good web presence has generated.
    1. "We have surveyed the balustrade and handrail on the stairs and mezzanine floor of the Newport, Gwent outlet of the HobbyCraft™, chain of Arts and Crafts Superstores”.
    2. ”An existing customer found the web page and discovered a whole new range of possibilities beyond the balustrading and handrails they routinely ordered from AD-Fabrications. Both of these enquiries came un-expectantly from the web.”

    Attract the right kind of Customer

    AD-Fabrication's Balustrading & Handrails in an Industrial Setting
    The problem with the stream of enquiries was their number. Some were to become the good repeat trade customers that AD-Fabrications were looking for. Many, however, were individuals with an extension or home improvement project who saw exactly what they were looking for in the catalogue. Initially the AD-Fabs team tried to help and pass these on to appropriate Architects and builders but this took a lot of time.

    The catalogue was extended to feature the Hollaender™ range of slip-on fittings to strengthen their industrial balustrading message. At the same time some domestic examples were de-emphasised and the Woodsford Exclusive Homes prestige project was deliberately not added. These actions started to attract the right kind of repeat customer. Graham Handy pulled out six customers with 5 or more orders for Hollaender™ fittings totalling over £100,000. Repeat orders were also won for architectural glass and stainless steel; commercial and industrial installations.

    Guiding other Visitors to professionals that can deliver their projects.

    Servicing the increased business from Ad-Fabs best customers brought the volume of enquiries back into focus. These better customers became used to excellent consultancy and backup services and Ad-Fabs analysis of costs and margins confirmed that this remained their correct business model.

    The individual householders were not false visitors from the search point of view. Their calls proved every day that they were finding what they wanted but AD-Fabs could not service them directly. Even directing these on was taking a lot of time so an additional page was added to the website to help these visitors to find Chartered Architect Practices to deliver their projects. Google Adsence was considered to deliver relevant adverts based on location etc. but the javascript is not compatible with the site. These changes do not completely cut off the calls for small jobs but it helps the AD-Fabs staff to move them on more quickly and courteously by referring them to the resource links on the site.

    Consultancy on Search Engine Optimisation, and improbements in converting the best customers was provided for CCM by Rob McGonigle.
    Rob, a Google Adwords Qualified Individual, has set up Adwords Secrets to provide adwords consultancy and service in the West Midlands.