A&M EDM Ltd - wire & spark erosion
Address:   25 Mornigton Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, UK
Postcode:   B66 2JE
Country:   United Kingdom
Phone number:   0121 558 8352
Fax number:   0121 558 8350
Contact name:   Mark Wingfield
Email address:   [email protected]
WMCCM Rated:   yes

 has developed to the point where we feel able to say 'we are our customer's first choice in Wire and Spark eroding'. When A&M started it was the intention to ensure the company was based on sound business principles, but from the customer’s perspective. A&M is first and foremost an engineering company and while the bottom line is an important factor in any business, we understand engineering.

Working in partnership with our customer base, A&M has developed a way of working which means our customers get what they want, when they want at a competitive price. We are well known

In our first year, A&M focused on the local market, but soon came to realise that with the advantages of technology and a dependable transport company we are literally just around the corner wherever our customer is physically based.

We are well known in the Wire Eroding Engineering sector and have a good reputation of completing projects on time and to a high standard. We have the largest capacity in the UK.

A&M EDM Ltd is still a young company, but with a life-time's experience behind it. Our aim is to provide a first class wire & spark erosion service. Based in the industrial West Midlands, A&M’s philosophy is simple: quality, commitment and partnership with both customers and suppliers.


A&M EDM are committed to providing our customers, both internal and external, with the highest quality, most reliable parts possible and constantly exceeding all of the expectations.

Individually and collectively we understand and embrace the principles that we must:- 
  §         Provide our customers with what they want, when they want it and at a competive market price.
  §         Create a working environment and ethics conductive to Quality Goals.  
  §         Ensure that any customer concerns are responded to in a professional and timely manner.
  §         Encourage full group co-operation to ensure best working practices are adopted and adhered to.
  §         Provide opportunities for the development of all our employees. 
  §         Show clear commitment to continuous improvement to the benefit of  A&M EDM Wire & Spark erosion, its customers, its workforce and the local environment.

Basic line of business:   Wire and Spark erosion
Products and services:   Wire and Spark erosion
Runners:   0
Repeaters:   5
Strangers:   95
Number of Employees:   6
Annual Turnover (£m):   not given
Annual Rate of Growth (%):   not given
Reference customers:   TRW GKN
End customers:   The majority of Automotive companies
Key processes:   Key Process:
Wire Erosion
7 x Sodick Wire eroders:
AQ325 350x250x220.
A325 350x250x200.
WH750 750x450x500.
AQ750 750x450x400
EPOC-1100 1100x700x350
A535 550x350x300
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 2.00 years)

Key Process:
Spark Erosion
2 x Spark eroders:
A65R Spark eroder.
Moulmaker Spark eroder.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 2.00 years)

Key Process:
Drilling,Eroding (EDM)
2 x K1C EDM Hole Drillers
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 2.00 years)

Key Process:
General machines:
XYZ centre lathe.
Jones & Shipman 1011 Surface Grinder.
Jones & Shipman 1400 Surface Grinder.
2-OFF Bridgeport Vertical Miller.
Vixen Aqua Blast.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 2.00 years)

Key Process:
CAD/CAM facilities:
4 x EZCAM.
1 x AutoCAD.
(Mastery: Mature, Time In Operation: 2.00 years)
Key skills:   Role: Partner
Quotation & Estimating,Sales & Marketing,Systems Management,Technical engineering
Time Served Engineer. Responsible for all shop floor work.
(Skill Level: Expert, Years of Practice: 20.00 years)

Role: Partner
CAD/CAM,General engineering
Responsible for CAD/CAM and also operating machinary.
(Skill Level: Experienced, Years of Practice: 14.00 years)

Role: Press Tool Designer
CAD/CAM,Press engineering
Responsible for all the CAD/CAM press tool design work.
(Skill Level: Expert, Years of Practice: 20.00 years)

Role: Wire and Spark Engineers (Key Operators)
General engineering,Programming,Spark Erosion,Wire erosion
Responsible for programming, operating and setting up of the Wire and Spark eroding machinary.
(Skill Level: Expert, Years of Practice: 20.00 years)
Locations:   Birmingham, Sandwell, UK, West Midlands
Markets:   Aerospace, Automotive, General Engineering

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