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    Industry Clusters

    Industry specific clusters


    An industry cluster offers any company the opportunity to enter into an environment where everyone else has similar interests and needs; this in turn creates the possibility for collaboration as well as educated problem solving.  It is thought that the next stage will offer substantial savings to such clusters, since they will be able to trade online (i.e. cutting costs, bulk buying, auctioning products and services). See the DTI's "A Practical Guide to Cluster Development"  PDF (580Kb).

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    Sample List of Industry Clusters on WMCCM

    Company Clusters on the West Midlands Collaborative Marketplace

    Industry Clusters on the WMCCM

    This is a list of the public Clusters currently on the West Midlands Collaborative Commerce site.
    To use a Project or Cluster Space then contact us at [email protected].
    For more information on Competency Profiling process see the Competence Profile Page

    If you want to know more about WMCCM see the home page or go to the Introduction Tab. This list is a subset of the Clusters visible to registered users in the Table above, and is for users who cannot use tables.

    Auctions Project
    This cluster is being used for an MSc Project on On-Line Auctions.
    This cluster has the full Auctions functionality of the West Midlands Collaborative Marketplace.
    To be able to trial this function, or to be able to set up a Prototype eBay Shop, then email [email protected]

    Automotive High-Voltage Specialist Centre
    This on-line facility is designed to support the activities of the Automotive High Voltage Specialist Centre. It allows authorised partcipants to communicate and collaborate in a secure manner. Each designated Special Interest Group has a members-only password controlled project space. Within this project space a library of documents and presentations relevant to the work of the group is available for downloading. A discussion forum is also provided to allow members to share their ideas with each other and report progress on project tasks

    Catalogues of Capabilities, Samples & Products
    West Midlands CCM Profiled Companies Catalogues of Capabilities & Products

    CNC Milling | West Midlands | UK
    CNC Milling and machining Companies from the UK's West Midlands Region. Profiled Companies for Buyer Confidence .

    CNC Turning | West Midlands | UK
    CNC Turning Companies from the West Midlands Region in the UK. Selected qualified companies for buyers.

    Constructing Excellence in the Built Environment
    The new cluster for Construction Companies, related suppliers & services in the West Midlands brought to you by West Midlands Centre for Constructing Excellence (WMCCE). WMCCE is a non-profit organisation supported by Advantage West Midlands, European Union and other industry partners. They can offer five days FREE assistance to the value of £2,500 for eligible companies.

    EDM, Spark Erosion & Wire Erosion Cluster
    Electro Discharge Machining Companies from the UK's West Midlands Region. Selected wire eroding and spark erosion specialists.

    eCluster - total engineering solutions
    A world-wide, one-stop shop for complete engineering solutions, eCluster is a group of high-quality engineering companies based in the West Midlands, UK, who are sharing their resources and skills to bid collectively for larger work packages in a wide variety of markets.

    e-Hub - Bayton Road online Hub
    Serving Bayton Road, Blackhorse Road & Groveland.

    Example of New Cluster Content
    Using this area, you can communicate and collaborate with your colleagues in a secure manner.

    HealthTech - supporting Healthcare SMEs into Technology
    HealthTech supports small and medium sized companies in the West Midlands that want to develop new products and services with healthcare and medical technology applications.

    ICT in Framework Programme 7
    The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) is the EU's main instrument for funding research in Europe running from 2007 to 2013. The objective of ICT research under the FP7 is to improve the competitiveness of European industry as well as to enable Europe to master and shape the future developments of these technologies so that the demands of its society and economy are met.

    Investment Readiness Programme
    This programme aims are to support potentially high-growth technology & innovative enterprises (primarily, but not restricted to IT, software development, engineering design and medical technologies) develop their infrastructure and/or business proposal so that they are more attractive to the investment community or traditional funding sources.

    MAS-WM Product Innovation Consortium
    The Manufacturing Advisory Service – West Midlands ( MAS-WM) has thrown out a challenge to West Midlands manufacturers to take a more sustainable and innovative approach to product development as it launches a new initiative aimed at assisting manufacturer's to increase global competitiveness by drawing on the region's world-class creative capabilities.

    Metal Spinning, Forming, & Tools for Jewellers
    Companies supplying Metal Spinning, Metal Sheet Bending, Polishing, Soldering and ToolMaking for the Jewellery Sector.

    Mould Tool Makers | West Midlands | UK
    Mould Toolmakers from the UK's West Midlands Region supplying Mould Tool Manufacturing and Moulding Tool Maintenance.

    Plastics West Midlands
    5 days of assistance in plastics related issues - FREE
    Seminars to add value to your business - FREE
    Cost saving ideas and technologies - FREE
    Access to the latest outputs from UK plastics research - FREE

    Press Tool Making Cluster
    Press Toolmaking Companies from the UK's West Midlands Region supplying Press Tooling and Tool Maintenance.

    Progression Tool Making Cluster
    Progression Tooling Companies from the West Midlands Region in the UK.

    Ready for Business | West Midlands | London 2012
    With £25 billion worth of work estimated to come out of the preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, this web portal will make it easier for Midlands firms to get a slice of the action.

    *** Startup Support for SMEs *** October 4, 2007
    Cluster detailing WMCCM's support options for start-up businesses. This also acts as a landing page for the and domains.

    Tender Alerts | Free Public & Private Tender Feeds
    Tender Alerts is a source for public and private procurement opportunities within the UK.
    This site provides easy-to-use Internet access to bidding opportunities with a facility to submit electronic responses.
    Tender Alerts allows you to set up personalised email notifications for work you're interested in.
    When a tender meeting your needs is found an email is automatically sent to your inbox.

    Tendering Tools, Resources & Local Authority Links
    WMCCM have created this virtual organisation space to consolidate and share information about Electronic Tendering to support SMEs throughout the tendering process. It is also a space in which we can actively link to Local Authorities to make more tenders available to Regional SMEs.

    West Midlands IT Association
    WMita was set up in January 2003, with grant support from AWM, to encourage the growth of small businesses across the West Midlands by providing them with a single source for all their ICT needs. It has drawn together an increasingly large number of reputable local ICT companies and has established a situation where members can, and do, work together to provide the quality solutions modern businesses deserve.

    WMCCM Resource Centre
    This space contains a number of userful resources for members and non-members of the West Midlands Collaborative Commerce Marketplace.

    Note you must be competence profiled to use Partner Search, below.
    To be competence profiled contact us at [email protected]
    For more information on Competency Profiling process see the Competence Profile Page

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